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Our activities have been initiated in Belgium on September 2006 after being active on the wider European marketplace.

We bound ourselves operating according the following values:

All our solutions are created and integrated by these values. We believe those principles are seamlessly connected to eachother: One value missing into one of our solutions, will cause its purpose to be missed for which it was initially designed and integrated.

1. Web Software Services:
Our team of IT engineers have a fresh, clear and open-minded view on the revolution within the internetlandscape: Web2.0 incl features like Tagging, Blogging, wikis, user-communities, etc, including the development of Rich Internet Applications. Our engineers are constantly monitoring these evolutions and products in order to be ahead of our direct competitors.

Currently we are in full preparation of the next generation Web Applications for the Web3.0 generation - which will offer even bigger challenges and opportunities for your company!

We have the possibility to implement all these features not only in feature rich websites and applications but also in small company/enterprise portals and online shops. All our customers benefit and profit from the newest technologies and most enhanced features!

Our competences on the Web development field are [but not limited to]:
Web Software and Rich Internet Applications
Web Shops and Large Internet Applications
Web Design: From small to very feature rich websites
Web Games: Interactive elements, Movable objects, Dynamic elements
CMS: Fully Customizable Content Management Systems
WEB2.0 Web Software and portals - Integration of Tagging, AJAX, Blogs, Community driven user-contributed web-services, rss/atom feeds, wikis, podcasts, full stream video, and much more.

2. Project Management Services:
The 21st Century is often called the Project Management Age which explains why we are active and experts on this field. We are an active beacon and promotor of Project Management Best Practises - Methodologies and standards and actively lower the step for businesses trying to setup a Project Management expertise and competence center within their company.

All our internal and external software and IT projects are managed through the application of customized and tailored PMI and IPMA Project Management Methodologies, Standards and techniques. We actively promote PMI and IMPA as a base for the development, customization, and integration of your Tailor-made Project Management methodology, techniques a templates for daily use.

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