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Web applications - a new breed of tailored software solutions for SMEs have become reality during the last years. The amount of web applications within SMEs will massively increase during the upcoming years because of numerous reasons:

  • Their interoperability with other software on the market
  • Their platformindependency: Unix - Microsoft - Mac
  • Their scalability
  • Their ease of use
  • Their extensibility
  • Their accessibility - anytime - anywhere
  • Their high ROI
  • Their unlimited possibilities offered by the internet
All these factors make Web Applications the perfect solution for a broad range of problems arising within SMEs.

Those problems can be distributed into several key-areas:

  • Collaboration: Collaboration between your company staff, administra- tion, project teams, company stakeholders and most of all: Your valued customers. Collaboration is essential for every business and most of the times SMEs lack an efficient and tailored solution to handle properly their communication.
  • Administration: Fluent administration of your sales and purchases, prospects and leads, costs and expenses, time registrations and holidays. All this seamlessly interconnected and linked to each other.
  • Support: 24/7 Support for your company staff and clients in order to ease the need for additional support staff to handle client requests and staff problems.
  • Visualisation: The visualisation of your business: From regular company webpage to intranets with personalized staff pages.
  • Commerce: Perform sales and purchases online through the implementation of webshops and the application of available webtools to get more clients and prospects within your reach.
  • Security: All this of course with the necessary security measures taken, not only to protect your company data for the outside world but most of all protect your data to ever being lost & not found within your very own company.
P.NEXT webapplication services are very reasonably priced. After all, we both are SMEs...

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